Who we are and what we do

Their past is your future


Screening Solutions helps you succeed, for we believe that all information about the past of those you work with determines your future. Whether it comes to regular business relationships, acquisitions or recruitment, verified and reliable information is always the key to success.

  • I want to check, whether all employees observe established rules

  • I want to gain overview on Compliance risks, which the company has to face, and on efficiency of controls

  • I seek efficient process of reaction to detected internal frauds

  • I want to increase efficiency of existing system of Compliance risk management

  • I am interested in formulation or revision of the Code of Ethics

  • I need to analyze and evaluate connections of our business partners, suppliers or interest groups

  • I am preparing acquisition of a company and therefore I need to know about the company as much as possible

  • I am interested in information from competitive environment

  • I want to check sufficiency of current security measures

  • We suspect, that one of our employees is leaking internal information

  • We suffered losses (of property/information) and we want to prevent it in the future

  • We suspect that our supplier wants to sell us expensive solution, which we do not need

  • We became a victim of a cyber attack


We will content ourselves with only the best results

We have prepared a self-assessment questionnaire for your organization's Compliance and anti-corruption readiness according to the international standards ISO 37301 and ISO 37001.
In just 10 minutes, you will have a basic idea of your organization`s compliance and anti-corruption preparedness.

Fill out a questionnaire