Forensic and investigative services

Special tools
and unique technologies

Efficiently support investigation and improve quality of gathered information. Bring unexpected opportunities into standard process of investigation.

Risks that we deal with

  • Uncovering false statements
  • Criminality inside a company
  • Insurance fraud
  • Safety threats
  • Loss of evidence
A practical example

Modern technologies allow a real-time as well as offline evaluation, whether information provided during an interview are truth or deliberately distorted statements and lies.

We primarily use LVA technology – Layered Voice Analysis invented by Israeli company Nemesysco, which we represent in several countries in Central Europe. For more information, go to


How we proceed

  • Layered Voice Analysis

    It enables us to understand emotions, identify untruths and lies. It is used for increasing quality of call centers or for recruiting employees.

  • Physiodetection examination (polygraph)

    Lie detector is an efficient tool which we use for investigation of internal criminality in the private sector.

Our achievements

Petr Moroz - Managing Partner

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