Security risk management

Three quarters of damages in companies are caused with cooperation or awareness of an employee.

What will our solution help

We will help you to establish comprehensive security system, which is not directed solely on partial problems. We perceive security system as a complex, which has impact on most areas of the company. Well-adjusted security system protects property and information, plays a key part in ensuring continuous performance of a company and at the same time helps protect reputation of a company.


Consulting and audits

Independent consulting and auditing activities in the area of security risks management

Security risks management system

Design and implementation of complex systems for security risk management.


What can help

  • I want to check sufficiency of current security measures

  • I want independent opinion on security system

  • We suffered losses (on property / information) and we want to prevent it in the future

  • We suspect that our supplier wants to sell us expensive solution, which we do not need

  • We need to protect information

  • We became a victim of a cyber attack

  • We suspect, that one of our employees is leaking internal information

  • I need to evaluate proposals of security solutions

  • I need help with adjusting security processes

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