Risk management in business relationships

Successful business is based on valid information.

What will our solution help

Business reporting will enhance the quality of your decisions, enable you to define business strategy in a better way and protect you against possible losses.

We will enable you to reach decisions on the basis of relevant and verified information and facts.


Due Diligence

Process of thorough verification of information about subject of interest.

Business Intelligence

Do you need information about business partners or other third parties?

Market reports

Are you entering an unknown market? We will provide you with a one-time research, a risk analysis or a continuous informational background.


What can help

  • I am interested in information from competitive environment

  • I am preparing acquisition of a company and therefore I need to know about the company as much as possible

  • I need to analyze and evaluate connections of our business partners, suppliers or interest groups

We have prepared a self-assessment questionnaire for your organization's Compliance and anti-corruption readiness according to the international standards ISO 37301 and ISO 37001.
In just 10 minutes, you will have a basic idea of your organization`s compliance and anti-corruption preparedness.

Fill out a questionnaire