Forensic and investigative services

Supporting and representing aggrieved persons in criminal proceedings

Are you in a position of aggrieved person and are you helpless?
We will fully support you in the criminal proceedings.

Risks that we deal with

  • Breach of trust
  • Harm done to a creditor/undue preference of a creditor
  • Breach of compulsory rules of business transactions
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights
  • All corruption and insolvency crimes etc.
A practical example

We specialize particularly in sophisticated “white-collar” crime, in cases when a client was harmed by a business partner, management or directly by one of the owners of a company. Our services cover consulting and expert analyses when a suspicion of sinister activities arises.

We will recommend you further action with regard to seriousness from the perspective of criminal law and possible success in the criminal proceedings.


How we proceed

  • Analytical support

    Thanks to sophisticated analytical tools and access to all publicly available information sources, we can efficiently clarify and simplify any material.

  • Representation in criminal proceedings

    We provide full service for aggrieved parties and we support them in all stages of criminal proceedings.

  • Completion of a criminal information

    We will gather all related materials and prepare a charge that can be presented to the police.

  • Cooperation with the clients attorneys

    We coordinate all our forensic and investigative activities with selected law firm according to the wish of our client.

  • Identification of opportunities and risk factors

    We will map the riskiest scenarios in your business, in which you might become a victim of a crime.

Our achievements

We were approached by a client with a suspicion that he is systematically excluded from public tenders. Tenders were repeatedly won by a group of interconnected companies. Our analyses proved a long-term circumvention of the law. We documented relationships and connections between participating companies. In cooperation with client’s law firm, we gave rise to several actions to the contract owner, to the Office for the Protection of Competition and to investigative, prosecuting and adjudicating bodies.

Leopold Černý - Manažer

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