Personal risk management

Pre‑Employment Screening

We will verify truthfulness and completeness of information about a job candidate on the basis of a power of attorney provided by the candidate.

Risks that we deal with

  • False information provided by job candidates
  • Unqualified job candidates
  • Damages caused by dishonest job candidates
A practical example

We help our clients speed up and simplify recruitment process by using unique methodology for verifying information stated in the job candidate’s resume. This methodology has been developed in compliance with the current legislation of the Czech Republic, which is supported by expert opinions of renowned law firms. Pre‑Employment Screening, which means verifying truthfulness and completeness of information given by the job

candidate (or current employees), is one of the most efficient tools for preventing crimes committed by employees. The result is recruitment of truly qualified employees only. This is positively reflected in the overall quality of teams of employees. The efficiency of the company using Pre‑Employment Screening is also increasing.


How we proceed

  • Personal information

    We will verify the identity of a job candidate and stated personal information, as well as the validity of his ID card.

  • Clean criminal record

    We will obtain excerpt from the Penal Register and check the job candidate in the wanted and missing persons databases of the Police of the Czech Republic and Interpol.

  • Education and certificates

    We will verify education, language proficiency tests, certificates and professional qualification.

  • Professional experience and references

    We will check out work experience with former employers. We will obtain and analyze information from professional and interest spheres.

  • Credibility and possible financial difficulties

    We will check the person in all publicly available sources such as register of writs of execution, databases of debtors, banking and non-banking registers, property ownership.

  • Conflict of interests

    We will check and analyze business activities of a person and his/her involvement in companies which are in a relationship with the client.

  • Media monitoring

    We will provide a complex media monitoring and the monitoring of other publicly available sources with respect to reputational and business risks.

Our achievements

Petr Moroz - Managing Partner

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Case studies

Screening Survey 2012 is the first study of its kind in the Czech Republic engaged in the areas of recruitment.

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