Personal risk management

Criminals move from streets to offices. We will help you protect your company against white-collar crime.

What will our solution help

Human capital is the key resource for every company. During the recruitment process, the company needs correct and complete information, which will enable choosing the best and most trustworthy employees. Therefore, we will provide you with the necessary and verified information about job candidates and current employees. This way, you can choose only the most suitable professionals to your team, on who you can rely at any time.


Pre‑Employment Screening

We will verify truthfulness and completeness of information about a job candidate on the basis of a power of attorney provided by the candidate.

Background check

Trust, but verify – we check the integrity of individuals from publicly available information.

Lifestyle check

Up to 30 % of dishonest employees live beyond their means, therefore the comparison between their living standard and their declared income is important.


Efficient tool for mass screening of individuals and automated identification of risks.


What can help

  • I suspect that my employee misuses his/her position in order to enrich himself/herself

  • I need to verify truthfulness of information provided by the candidate

  • I need to verify integrity of candidate or employee

  • I need to identify possible financial difficulties and check the criminal record of employees occupying key positions on a regular basis

  • I need help with investigating unethical or illicit activities of employees

NEW we have prepared an ISO 37001 self-assessment against your organization's anti-corruption preparedness questionnaire. In just 5 minutes you will have a basic idea of how you stand.

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