Risk management in business relationships

Market reports

Are you entering an unknown market?
We will provide you with a one-time research, a risk analysis or a continuous informational background.

Risks that we deal with

  • Neglecting market entry requirements
  • Choice of inappropriate distribution channels or pricing
  • Poorly estimated market potential
  • Losses suffered due to underestimation of market entry feasibility
A practical example

Beyond standard services, we focus on gathering information from informal sources. We are able to identify forthcoming key changes

in time or track the evolution of competitive environment. We rely on a vast network of contacts in Central and Eastern Europe.


How we proceed

  • Analyses of connections

    We will create a graphical overview of relevant conections and case timelines.

  • Industry analyses

    We look into particularities, relationships and changes in industry of your interest.

  • Assessment of risks arising from legislative changes

    We track legislative changes and focus on risks to our client which might arise from those changes to our client.

  • Monitoring of competitive environment

    We monitor activities and relevant changes of selected competitors.

  • Obtaining information via our network of contacts

    Thanks to our vast network of contacts across industries, we can always obtain useful information precisely corresponding with your requirements.

Our achievements

David Hradecký - Partner

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