Personal risk management

Lifestyle check

Up to 30 % of dishonest employees live beyond their means, therefore the comparison between their living standard and their declared income is important.

Risks that we deal with

  • Unethical or illicit activities of employees
  • Enriching oneself to the detriment of company values
  • Undeclared conflicts of interests
  • Misuse of work equipment for the employee’s private enterprise.
A practical example

Lifestyle Check is a tool enabling comparison between employee’s living standard and his declared income, which helps to identify potential risk of his unethical or illicit activities. In practice, we come across cases where employees “live beyond their means”, without it being necessarily

blatantly obvious. That is why we offer our clients services which can reveal the scope and nature of higher living standards that could not have been achieved with the declared income.


How we proceed

  • Personal information

    We will check the existence of educational facility, membership and certificates from professional associations.

  • Financial situation

    We will identify proprietorship, especially real estate, focusing on ownership titles and identification of its possible hidden ownership.

  • Credibility and possible financial difficulties

    We will check the person in all publicly available sources such as register of writs of execution, databases of debtors as well as property ownership.

  • Conflict of interests

    We will check and analyze business activities of a person and his involvement in companies, which are in relationship with the client.

  • Media and social networks monitoring

    We will provide complex media monitoring and monitoring of other publicly available sources with respect to the reputational and business risk.

Our achievements

Petr Moroz - Managing Partner

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Case studies

Screening Survey 2012 is the first study of its kind in the Czech Republic engaged in the areas of recruitment.

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