Fraud and corruption prevention

Fraud and corruption are often perceived as “somebody else’s” problem. We know that the opposite is true.

Risks that we deal with

  • Criminal liability of legal persons
  • Increased spending in the procurement department caused by corruption or conflict of interests
  • Misappropriation of financial assets or sensitive data and information leakage
  • Losses caused by unsuitable reaction to Compliance incidents
A practical example

We bring a unique and complex approach, which manages risks of fraudulent and corruption behavior. A system of interconnected tools efficiently eliminates occurrence and impact of wrongdoing of employees, external partners or clients.


How we proceed

  • Complex risk assessment

    We will enable you to identify risk of fraudulent or corruption behavior and its potential to cause harm with respect to existing control mechanisms.

  • Targeted risk assessment

    We will carefully map risks of fraudulent or corruption behavior in a particular process such as procurement, recruitment of employees or finance. With the help of control mechanisms, we will enable you to manage their occurrence.

  • Pre‑Employment Screening

    We will verify truthfulness and completeness of information about a job candidate on the basis of a power of attorney provided by the candidate.

  • Lifestyle Check

    We will compare employee’s living standards and his declared income, thus identifying potential risks of unethical or illicit activities.

  • ABAC reporting

    We will carry out an analysis of a business partner with focus on corruption and possible political connections (Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption).

  • Reaction plan for fraudulent and corrupt behavior

    We will design for you standardized procedures, which will enable you to quickly detect fraudulent or corrupt behaviour, minimize damages and prevent it from happening again.

  • Monitoring of business partners

    We will enable you to check new and current business partners efficiently and thus eliminate financial losses or reputational damage, which may arise from inappropriate choice of business partners.

Our achievements

For our important client from the automotive industry, we adjusted and implemented ABAC reporting, which focuses on reputational and corruption risks in the process of concluding business contracts.

Leopold Černý - Manažer

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