Forensic and investigative services

Forensic IT services and eDiscovery

Forensic IT is essential part of today’s investigation services.

Risks that we deal with

  • Misuse of sensitive internal data and information
  • Misappropriation of company’s know-how
  • Exploiting weaknesses of the system in order to commit fraud
  • Loss of evidence
A practical example

Our experience proves that proper data analysis can, in a relatively short time, identify risk indicators, or provide valuable information and data for steering investigation.


How we proceed

  • Data analysis

    We identify irregular transactions, trends, contents of written descriptions etc.

  • Data mining and harvesting

    It is aimed at extracting information from structured data usually stored in databases or in separate structured files.

  • Electronic discovery

    It enables us to reveal fragments of online communication or fragments of deleted files, or map activities carried out with the provided device.

  • Penetration test

    We carry out simulations of real attacks with various scenarios with the aim to identify vulnerabilities of the system and suggest efficient protection of internal systems and sensitive information.

  • Safety monitoring

    We offer a whole range of tools and services for safety monitoring solutions.

Our achievements

For a luxury car dealer, thanks to forensic IT and eDiscovery, we were able to restore (even deleted) files from the employees’ computers, which proved passing on sensitive internal information to rival companies.

Petr Moroz - Managing Partner

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