Forensic and investigative services

Forensic audit

Have you become a victim of a fraud?
Forensic audit enables to obtain evidence, calculate and subsequently claim damages.

Risks that we deal with

  • Misuse of conflict of interests in order to gain profit
  • Misappropriation of company’s assets
  • Corrupt practices of employees or business partners
A practical example

We apply time-proven methods of forensic audits – which means gathering, analyzing and assessing information inside a company. We make use of knowledge and experience from forensic audit and operative activities. This unique approach enables us to identify formerly unknown cases,

such as misuse of conflict of interests, corruption and enjoying undue benefits. If you have convenient internal sources at your disposal, we are prepared to provide methodical and professional support as well as independent oversight over the investigation process.


How we proceed

  • Forensic accounting

    We analyze and assess available accounting documents including its potential reconstruction.

  • Data analyses

    We identify irregular transactions, trends, contents of written descriptions etc.

  • Operative activities

    We will gather information and evidence right from the environment of interest.

  • Analysis of buyer and supplier relationships

    We will clarify mutual connections between stakeholders in the buyer and supplier relationships of entities of interest.

  • Revealing potential conflicts of interests

    We identify possible hidden connections of an employee or his close persons to business partners or company’s suppliers.

  • Identification of offender and calculating damages

    We aim our investigative activities to revealing particular offender, gathering evidence and calculating damages for the purpose of criminal proceedings.

  • Support for criminal proceedings and legal disputes

    We will gather, analyze, assess and clarify materials for criminal proceedings or commercial law disputes.

  • Conducting investigative interviews

    Third party guarantees professionality and impartiality during investigative interview, eliminates sensitivity and controversy.

Our achievements

For an important international company, we identified internal offender, calculated damages and documented its scope. We gathered and prepared evidence and helped our client claim damages within the criminal procedure.

David Hradecký - Partner

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