Forensic and investigative services

When the fraud prevention fails, we will reinforce your position and help you with identification of the offender and elimination of losses.

What will our solution help

No organization is immune to fraud. Therefore, we carry out analysis and investigation of all kinds of illicit or unethical activities of employees or business partners.

Our team consists of professionals with knowledge and experience with forensic audits, accounting, economic analyses, criminal proceedings and operative activities. Using advanced analytical tools and state-of-the-art technology is second nature to us.


Forensic audit

Have you become a victim of a fraud? Forensic audit enables to obtain evidence, calculate and subsequently claim damages.

Analytic and operative activities

Evidence from inside the company is often insufficient and it is necessary to support investigation with information from outside the company and its analysis.

Special tools and unique technologies

Efficiently support investigation and improve quality of gathered information. Bring unexpected opportunities into standard process of investigation.

Forensic IT services and eDiscovery

Forensic IT is essential part of today’s investigation services.

Supporting and representing aggrieved persons in criminal proceedings

Are you in a position of aggrieved person and are you helpless? We will fully support you in the criminal proceedings.


What can help

  • I need help with investigation of corruption or misappropriation of assets of the company

  • I want to find out whether there is a leak of sensitive information

  • I need to check whether responsible employees misuse their positions at the expense of the company

  • I became a victim of a fraud and I need to gather evidence

  • I seek assistance with further dealing with government authorities

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