Risk management in business relationships

Due Diligence

Process of thorough verification of information about subject of interest.

Risks that we deal with

  • Failed investments
  • Reputational damage and financial losses
  • Concluding cooperation with companies which are not able to meet their obligations
  • Choosing unreliable suppliers
A practical example

The Due Diligence service has primarily a preventive function. We help our clients to act according to due diligence and act within a certain standard of care in business relationships.

Due diligence has several forms:

  • Reputational Due Diligence
  • Investigative Due Diligence
  • Forensic Due Diligence
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Compliance Due Diligence
  • Vendor Due Diligence

How we proceed

  • Analyses of connections

    We will create a graphical overview of relevant conections and case timelines.

  • Forensic accounting

    We will analyze and assess available accounting documents including its potential reconstruction and quantification of losses.

  • Analytical support

    We will prepare efficient and clear analysis and qualified contextualization to the case in question.

  • Services of systematic monitoring of subjects of interest

    We continuously monitor relevant information about chosen entities and track its eventual changes.

  • Operative activities

    We will gather information and evidence right from the environment of interest.

  • Obtaining information via our network of contacts

    Thanks to our vast network of contacts across industries, we can always obtain useful information precisely corresponding with your requirements.

Our achievements

For an important foreign Private Equity Fund, we obtained information about an acquisition target, pointed out possible pitfalls and hidden connections of current owners. The investment was eventually cancelled due to risks.

David Hradecký - Partner

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