Design and revision
of Compliance programs

Compliance programs are based on standards defined by respected authorities and best practice.

Risks that we deal with

  • Criminal liability of legal person due to insufficient precautions
  • Internal blindness and underestimation of Compliance risks
  • High cost of keeping inefficient Compliance system
A practical example

We will create tailor-made Compliance program fulfilling legal requirements, based on respected standards and reflecting the nature of your activities and the kind of risks you are facing. Our practice identifies which solutions have the highest added value and how to use your existing processes

and systems. Automated solutions will give your specialists more time for solving real problems. We offer you a team with experience from both international and local corporations and consulting firms.


How we proceed

  • Complex risk assessment

    Risk assessment enables us to identify specific Compliance risks and their potential to cause harm with respect to existing control mechanisms.

  • Ethical code

    We will devise or review the Code of Ethics which will enable you to build responsible and ethical company culture.

  • Whistleblowing - Ethical line

    We will set up a process for receiving reports on internal rules violations and its efficient management.

  • Conflict of interests prevention

    We will define principles and design control mechanisms which will enable you to prevent conflicts of interests.

  • Guidelines on gifts and hospitality

    Guidelines about accepting and offering gifts and hospitality will clearly define what is and is not acceptable and will enable you to have this area under control.

  • Monitoring of business partners

    We will enable you to check both potential and current business partners efficiently, thus eliminating financial losses or reputational damage. We prefer automated solutions.

  • Pre‑Employment Screening

    We will verify truthfulness and completeness of information about a job candidate on the basis of a power of attorney provided by the candidate.

  • Reaction plan for Compliance incidents

    We will design for you standardized procedures, which will enable you to quickly investigate Compliance incidents, minimize damages and prevent this incident from happening again.

Our achievements

For a significant company from electrical power industry in the Czech Republic, we adjusted and set up a Compliance management system. It is aimed mainly at ethical conduct and prevention of criminal behavior of employees and business partners.

Martin Kraus - Manažer

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