Security risk management

Consulting and audits

Independent consulting and auditing activities in the area of security risks management

Risks that we deal with

  • Absence of a third party’s opinion
  • Orientation on wrong risks
  • Unawareness of all risks
  • Professional blindness
A practical example

We provide independent consulting, which always promotes your interests. We are not direct supplier or seller of security products and services. Therefore you can rely that we will provide you with unbiased information.


How we proceed

  • Security risks analysis

    We will uncover all possible risks – it is a key and essential step in creating any security system.

  • Analysis of proposed solutions

    We will assess proposed solutions including its financial benefits. We will identify weaknesses and suggest improvements.

  • Supervision over suppliers

    We will arrange a one-time or continuous monitoring of security agencies or suppliers of security systems.

  • Information flow management

    We observe lifecycle of each piece of information from the moment of its obtaining, through processing, using, storing and secure disposal.

Our achievements

Petr Moroz - Managing Partner

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