We help companies manage the Compliance area efficiently and thus ensure their protection.

What will our solution help

Uncontrolled actions of an employee or a business partner can lead to a financial loss to the company, negative media campaign or even criminal prosecution of the company itself. Companies serious about their future do not hesitate to invest in Compliance processes, which will ensure its efficient protection.

Compliance processes in your company do not have to be neither bureaucratic nor costly. At the same time, it will enable you efficient risk management and formation of ethical company culture.


Compliance consulting

We will help you ensure compliance with legislative and other requirements and avoid eventual negative impact on your company.

Design and revision of compliance programs

Our Compliance programs are based on standards defined by respected authorities and best practice.

Fraud and corruption prevention

Fraud and corruption are often perceived as “somebody else’s” problem. We know that the opposite is true.


What can help

  • I want to check, whether all employees observe established rules

  • I want to gain overview on Compliance risks, which the company has to face, and on efficiency of controls

  • I seek efficient process of reaction to detected internal frauds

  • I want to increase efficiency of existing system of Compliance risk management

  • I am interested in formulation or revision of ethical code

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