Certification of Compliance management systems

Lead by example. Certify Compliance according to international standards ISO 19600 and ISO 37001!

Why certify Compliance

  • A declaration of a company`s commitment to upholding rules
  • Prevention of strict sanctions
  • Guaranteeing competitive advantage in both local and international environment
A practical example

We help our clients with the creation, implementation and maintenance of Compliance management systems. We walk our clients throughout the entire process and supervise their successful passing of the certification exams. As one of only a handful of companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, our team includes certified auditors for the standards ISO 19600 (Compliance Management System) and ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery Management System).

To have a company Compliance management system means to adhere to the relevant laws, industry standards and internal policies (e.g. codes of ethics). All these have impact on the business itself, as well as employee and customer relationships. An effective Compliance management system will ensure that an organization is fulfilling its duties and efficiently preventing any risks threatening its reputation.


How we proceed

  • Assessment of the existing Compliance management system

    We will conduct an analysis of the current level of your Compliance management system and we will recommend measures leading to its development and improvement

  • Identification of Compliance risks

    We will conduct a mapping of Compliance risks in a specific organization or one of its departments, and evalute them from the standpoint of their importance, the potential impact on the organization and the probability of their occurence

  • Determination of specific insufficiencies regarding ISO

    We will efficently add missing Compliance tools and measures to your existing CMS, or we will advise you on how to implement CMS yourself with our supervision (if needed).

  • Implementace Compliance nástrojů a poradenství

    Účelně a efektivně uvedeme jednotlivé chybějící nástroje Compliance do organizace, nebo Vám poradíme, jak nástroje Compliance zavést svépomocí, s naším případným dohledem.

  • Validation audit

    We will validate the Compliance management system according to ISO 19600 and ISO 37001 without a certification audit (conducted by an accredited certification organization). The client will receive a validation certificate demonstrating Compliance with the requirements of the relevant ISO standard.

  • Certification audit

    We will secure a certification audit for ISO 19600 and/or ISO 37001 by an accredited organization and our certified auditors. At the same time, we are ready to represent you during the audit and be in touch with the certification auditors.

Our achievements

David Hradecký - Partner

Are you interested in certifying your organization or any of its parts according to ISO standards? Contact me.

ISO certification brochure

Do you want to find out more about the benefits of different ISO standards and their certification for your company?

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