Risk management in business relationships

Business Intelligence

Do you need information about business partners or other third parties?

Risks that we deal with

  • Damages to a company’s reputation
  • Failed investments
  • Inappropriate choice of cooperating entity
A practical example

In Business Intelligence, information, which cannot usually be found in publicly available sources, plays a key part. In compliance with the legislative and ethical requirements, we obtain information from informal sources

and place it in context of other findings. In contrast to Due Diligence service, the business reporting gives you detailed analysis of e.g. production process, planned activities or comparison of performance of companies.


How we proceed

  • Analyses of connections

    We will create an overview of graphical analyses of connections and time diagrams.

  • Analytical support

    We can efficiently and clearly analyze gathered information, and contextualize it directly according to your instructions.

  • Credit analysis

    We conduct financial and credit risk analyses of subjects of interest.

  • Competitor analysis

    We will help you identify your direct and indirect competitors in a particular market environment and their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Obtaining information via our network of contacts

    Thanks to our vast network of contacts across industries, we can always obtain useful information precisely according to your order.

Our achievements

For our client in the automotive industry, we gather latest information concerning suppliers in Central and Eastern Europe on long term basis. In some cases, we identified a threat of production suspension, which enabled our client to react in time and avoid possible losses.

David Hradecký - Partner

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