Forensic and investigative services

Analytic and operative activities

Evidence from inside the company is often insufficient and it is necessary to support investigation with information from outside the company and its analysis.

Risks that we deal with

  • Fraud does not necessarily have to show in internal records, so it is impossible to identify it
  • Alliance between employee and supplier with negative consequences
  • Intentional misuse of inefficiencies in order to gain profit
A practical example

Confirmation of fraudulent activities is often impossible without information “from the field”. A good example is an agreement between an employee of a company and its business partner, which always takes place outside the company.

Therefore, this relationship and its undue benefits do not have to be noticeable inside the company.


How we proceed

  • Asset tracing

    Rarely do the misappropriated assets stay in the Czech Republic. In these cases, we employ our network of foreign contacts to find and secure those assets.

  • Operative activities

    We will gather information and evidence right from the environment of interest.

  • Gathering and processing of evidence

    We have a process for systematic gathering, analyzing and continuously assessing evidence reflecting current development.

  • Inspection at the crime scene

    We gather evidence, which can be used in further proceedings, right at the crime scene.

  • Analytical services

    We can efficiently and clearly analyze gathered information directly according to your instructions.

Our achievements

Leopold Černý - Manažer

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