Who are we

Screening Solutions is a dynamically growing consultancy that provides its products
and services in the area of risk management within the CEE region.

Our services portfolio focuses especially on the areas of human resources, supply chain and customer relationship management, compliance, forensic and investigative services, corporate and information security.

Our company’s optimized and direct hierarchy and personal approach to our customers allow us to effectively adapt to fast changing trends, thus providing new, innovative and tailored solutions that meet our clients‘ needs and expectations. One of key elements that differentiates us from others is the fact that we never fully rely on information available to our clients, but thanks to our extensive experience we secure and analyze also information that is accessible to our clients.with difficulties or not at all.

Our history


    Date of incorporation and official registration to Commercial Register

  • ASIS International

    We became members of one of the most significant international security associations and took active part in establishment of its Czech Chapter

  • Nemesysco

    We became partners of Nemesysco for Czech, Slovak, Austrian and German markets

  • Screening Survey

    We conducted and presented the first, to the date unprecedented survey focusing on hiring in the Czech and Slovak Republic


    We became members of the most important international human resources security association

  • We celebrate

    1 000th
    Pre-Employment Screening!

    Launch of a unique automated solution in the area of human resources risk management

  • We celebrate

    10 000th
    Pre-Employment Screening!

    We were awarded 1st place for Security related project by ASIS INTERNATIONAL

  • Exekuceinfo.cz

    Launched an automated on-line system for public access to Central Register of Seizures


    We originated and assisted with initial operation of one of the most successful Czech companies in the area of IT and information security

  • Controlio

    Initiation of preparation and development of a unique system for Governance, Risk and Compliance management

  • Exekuceinfo.cz

    Successful exit from an online project achieving a 200 % leverage on investment


    Our subsidiary - Screening Solutions Slovakia – was officially incorporated and registered with the Commercial Register

  • AVAS

    Launch of a unique solution monitoring emotional development of Air Traffic Control Agents during their training


    We became partners of the globally operating AMROP HEVER GROUP

  • We celebrate

    100 000th
    Pre-Employment Screening!

Company management

Petr Moroz Petr Moroz
Petr Moroz
Managing partner

Petr is managing partner in our company and oversees strategic development and international expansion. In addition he is dedicated to projects in the area of Governance, Risk and Compliance and personal management services and their expansion into Central and Eastern Europe. His clients are recruited mainly from leading investment groups, financial and banking institutions, IT and telecommunications companies.

Prior to founding our company, Petr held a managerial position in the fraud investigation and dispute settlement department of Ernst & Young. Before that he led the Fraud Prevention and Investigation department of GE Money Group in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Petr was also part of a global reaction team of specialized investigators and as such took part in the investigation of many global financial frauds. Petr gained further experience while managing security for American hotel chain Marriott.

David Hradecký David Hradecký
David Hradecký

David is a partner in our company. He is responsible for clients who use our investigative services and business reporting. His clients are mainly Private Equity funds, law firms, FMCG companies and manufacturing companies.

David is the author of a unique solution for automated risk analysis - SCAUT.cz - which was named security project of the year by a Czech subsidiary of the international association ASIS International.

He has extensive experience of investigating employee criminality, forensic audits and designing and implementing fraud prevention systems. David previously worked in the Department of Fraud Investigation and Dispute settlement in Ernst & Young. He also worked in the BlueLink company, a subsidiary of Air France.

Zbyněk Zajíček Zbyněk Zajíček
Zbyněk Zajíček

As a partner in our company Zbyněk’s primary activities focus on the security management area, where he implements complex security and auditing systems. Furthermore, he is engaged in the field of special services with focus on the use of unique technologies - particularly voice analysis.

During his career Zbyněk has specialized in the area of security management, risk management and consulting for the providers of security services in the Czech Republic, real estate development firms, the electrical power industry and law firms.

Zbyněk and his team developed a unique software solution called AVAS for monitoring emotional development and workload which is used during training programmes for employees. More information about AVAS can be found here.

Milada Morozová Milada Morozová
Milada Morozová

Milada is the partner in our company responsible for management and strategic development of Pre-Employment Screening services. Milada was one of the first people who introduced this service to the Czech and Slovak market.

Formerly, Milada held a number of positions in the banking sector rising to a managerial post in a Swiss company which specializes in risk management in Central and Eastern Europe. Since returning to the Czech Republic, Milada has held various positions in statutory bodies of companies in the risk management and fraud prevention area.

Leopold Černý Leopold Černý
Leopold Černý

Leopold is a manager responsible for the area of corruption, prevention and investigation of fraudulent behavior and economic crime in the private and public sector. He gives lectures on these subjects to professionals and non-professionals from various educational institutions, public organizations and private entities.

For more than 15 years, Leopold has been working in the field of highly professional security area focusing mainly on corruption, economic and financial criminality, crimes against the financial interests of EU and money laundering.

Between 2008 and 2013, he worked for the Police of the Czech Republic as the Head of the corruption and protection of EU interests responsible for combating corruption and financial crime. Leopold managed a team of 50 specialists focusing on the investigation of the most serious cases in the Czech Republic.

Martin Kraus Martin Kraus
Martin Kraus

Martin is manager of Compliance Services and is responsible for clients seeking consulting or support in the area of Compliance, Fraud Risk Management and Anti-Corruption.

He gained his experience through senior managerial positions in several important corporations and as a forensic consultant in PWC. Martin was also a criminal investigator in an elite unit of the Police of the Czech Republic.

During his professional career Martin has designed company-wide Fraud Risk Management Strategies for financial institutions in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. He has also audited the efficiency of the Compliance risk management for a significant Czech company and reorganized their department of internal fraud investigation and compiled modern code of conduct.

Ivan Moroz Ivan Moroz
Ivan Moroz

Ivan is a partner in our company and he is responsible for the development of activities in Central and Eastern European markets. Currently, he is devoted mainly to the development and management of activities of our subsidiary in Slovakia.

He focuses on international projects investigating large corruption cases, employee criminality and organized crime. Ivan also specializes in providing services to foreign corporations which have become a target of attacks by organized criminal groups.

After leaving the Czech diplomatic service, where he was a delegate during UN disarmament negotiations in Geneva, he became one of the founders of a unit to combat organized crime in the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic and later in the Czech Republic. He was also responsible for co-operation with member countries using the specialized services of Interpol. Ivan then worked as an AML and risk management specialist in the banking sector. For several years, he held the position of global chief of Compliance and internal audit for a leading world manufacturer of pottery. He is a co-founder and partner in a Swiss consulting company specialized in management consulting and risk management. From this position, for the last 15 years, he has co-ordinated important greenfield projects for multinational corporations entering markets in Central and Eastern Europe. He has also held executive posts in those companies.

Jozef Maslen Jozef Maslen
Jozef Maslen

Josef is a manager and executive head of our Slovak subsidiary. He specializes in projects in the area of personal risk management and business reporting. He also focuses on the Pre-Employment Screening service, which he promotes and of which he is a guarantor in Slovakia. Josef is also active in the development of security projects and providing professional services in the field of security logistics and loss prevention.

Josef has a degree in psychology and during the investigation process, he specializes in providing psychological services, conducting anamnestic interviews, profiling of the offenders personality, analysis of the scene of the crime and other related psychodiagnostics services.

Formerly, he held a post of director of a private security agency where he devoted himself to consulting in the area of personal security. Before that, he worked for several years in a managerial position in a specialized unit of the Foreign Police of the Police of the Slovak Republic.

Naše vize

Our vision

Our vision is building a strong and independent consultancy group operating in the CEE region. We bring many unprecedented innovative solutions to our field of business that address current as well as long-term needs of our clients.

Náš přístup

Our approach

We take care to ensure that every employee of our company is not only expert in the respective field of specialization, but that is also a partner for each of our clients, not only at the time of acquisition, but also during the course of a project. We employ and cooperate only with professionals who are leaders in their fields of expertise. We emphasize high moral and ethical values of all our employees because we believe that even their past is your future.

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